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walgreens vaccination consent form

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Further I hereby give my consent to the healthcare provider of Walgreens or Take Care Health ServicesSM as applicable to administer the vaccine s I have requested above. Walgreens or Take Care Health ServicesSM as applicable will if my state permits provide me with an Opt-Out Form. Unless I provide Walgreens or Take Care Health ServicesSM as applicable with a signed Opt-Out Form I elect to participate fully in and consent to Walgreens or Take Care Health ServicesSM as applicable reporting my...
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. Please answer truthfully and fully. I understand that vaccine reactions can occur following any vaccination; however, I understand that the vaccines given in this program meet current standards of effectiveness and efficacy. I understand that vaccines are an important public health measure that are necessary and beneficial to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases; I understand that the use of vaccination is optional for those children who have medically contraindications to vaccination; I understand that my decision to not be vaccinated is completely and totally my decision and that I am not coerced into any decision by either health care professionals or the State of Florida, and I completely understand that if I fail to receive the vaccination, my parental rights and responsibilities will be terminated by the State of Florida. I understand that my doctor has given me the opportunity to accept or decline my child's vaccination against a life-threatening illness but that I am still responsible for taking him or her to the doctor on time for the required vaccinations for school, the immunizations for work, vacations, or special occasions. I understand that my child's current vaccines are administered at a school physician's office, with all of the other vaccines in the schedule, and are a necessity to protect my child from diseases that can be very dangerous to him/her. Is this clear? Are these statements enough to make you comfortable to receive a mandatory vaccine for a life-threatening illness? [Y/N]: Y The above statements will enable us to determine if you are able to be vaccinated today. We will also be able to determine your eligibility to receive the HPV vaccine for both males and females. We will determine your eligibility to receive the influenza vaccine and the rubella vaccine. Section B The following questions will help us determine your eligibility to receive the following vaccines. We will use the following information to determine your eligibility to receive the following vaccines: * Age range: 10--64 years old * Date of birth: Please print clearly (MM/DD/YYYY) * Female Female * Male Male * Type of vaccination for which you wish to be vaccinated: All vaccines * Gender - Select one; Male Female * Name of health care provider (if not a parent, guardian, or guardian adult): Please print clearly [Y/N]: Y Please leave this field blank if you do not want to be contacted about vaccines. We will send you an email a little after 3:00 p.m. on the day after we receive your completed questionnaire. By completing this questionnaire, I give my informed consent that I have read, understand, and will abide by
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